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Every woman deserves to feel confident, worthy and like a Queen in a swimsuit. 

The Be Your Own Swim Queen Community is ready with open arms to hold space and welcome you. We want you to show up to the pool, the beach and  YOUR life with confidence, self-worth and self-acceptance. This community wants you to wear the swimsuit, because YOU ARE WORTHY.  

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"The Be Your Own SwimQueen Events pour from my heart. It is my purpose to inspire women to rise with self-acceptance and self-worth. I dream of every Queen taking home the gift of community, love and support. And that it creates a ripple effect in their thoughts, and conversations with their children and loved ones. We are all worthy enough to wear the bathing suit with confidence and joy." 


- Jackie, The SwimQueen 


Queen, the longest relationship you’ll ever have, is the one with yourself.

And it is a heavy journey to travel alone.


You deserve community.

You deserve inspiration.

You deserve connection.

You deserve love.


You are worthy enough to have this kind of support in your self-acceptance journey. Don’t walk it alone, because there is this SwimQueen Community waiting for YOU. 


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