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The Be Your Own SwimQueen Events are all about meeting women in your community and embracing who they truly are, together.

It’s about stripping down to our swimsuits and uncovering all our insecurities.

It’s about laughter, play, sharing and inspiration.

It’s about connection, with each other and ourselves.

It’s about growth and support along our self-acceptance journey.

It’s about the sunset pulling us into self-empowerment that will forever change the way we feel in a swimsuit.

Most of all, it’s about love.


No upcoming events at the moment

What Other Queens Are Saying

Queens Insights....

Q: What is your first step to feeling comfortable in a bathing suit?


"Honestly, the Swim Queen event.  I haven’t been comfortable in a swim suit since I became a Mom.   This event was my first step." Jennifer Draper

Q: How would you describe your emotions and feelings at the SwimQueen Event?

"Nervous at first, I didn’t feel like I belonged at all. Thanks to such amazingly kind people there I settled in quickly and I started to feel welcomed and seen. I was content, happy, and proud that I was there and discovered that being out of my comfort zone didn’t mean I was going to be uncomfortable, it could also mean I was just finding a new zone of comfort and happiness." Robin Wessel

Q: What does being a SwimQueen mean to you?

"It means that I try to love myself as much as I can, by putting on my imaginary crown and standing tall. But that there will be times when I don’t and that’s okay, especially if I grow from it and know that it doesn’t define my worth! " Amy Hamilton 

"Moving your body in ways that feel good, showing up authentically, getting in the water to have fun and enjoy your life wherever you are at with your body love journey. Knowing you are so much more than your body, and that living life is way more important than those thigh dimples or stray leg hair." Nicole Olthuis

"When I look at the photos from the event, my initial thoughts went to my butt is too big and has too much cellulite, my legs are chunky, my stomach sticks out too much, etc. But the more I look at them, the more I see how genuine my smile is, how happy I look, and how comfortable I remember feeling. Now I just feel like I look like me and I love them. " Becca Sheedy

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